our home assignment in review

We definitely did not take enough pictures during our time home, but here are some of them. We had a great time! It was so good to see so many of you. We probably won’t attempt such a huge road trip next time, but it was worth it. We spent lots of time with lots of people we love deeply. We spent lots of time in close quarters with our little family of four. We came back tired, and immediately bitterly missing our family and friends. However, the pain reminds us of what a joy it is to have so many rich, rich relationships. We love you all!

HA ’13 from n killoren on Vimeo.

back in the saddle

Well, we made it…barely. If you ever have the option to not travel for 24 hours straight when your family has bad colds, you want to take it. By the time we reached Nairobi, we were absolutely ragged.

But, we made it. The flights went as smoothly as possible and all our bags made it fine. We were met at the airport by an AIM AIR friend, who raced us home so we could sleep for a long time…which is exactly what we did.

We are now unpacked and settled in. The weather is easy to get used to again. We are in our dry season, so everyday is clear, sunny skies and temps right around 80 degrees.

We will keep you posted, and also hope to make a montage of our time in the US soon to. Thanks so much for praying for us and for all your love and support!

The K’s

Happy Christmas!

Christmas square